Q: Is delivery included?
A: Yes. Only for Singapore normal delivery.

Q: Is delivery affected during Malaysia MCO?
A: Delivery is not affected as we are using air shipping

Q: Can I get it the next working day as I need it urgently?
A: Item requires to be airship from Malaysia to Singapore. Please refer to our product link as it states the estimated delivery date. Please plan your purchase early and do not purchase it if you need it urgently.

Q: Is delivery included and how long does the delivery take?
A: Delivery is included and follow the dates stated in the product link. The dates stated includes weekends and public holiday

Q: Does the courier provide phone calling services before delivery?
A: The courier personal does not provide calling services before delivery.

Q: Can you update me on the delivery status?
A: We will provide you with the tracking link. Any issues with the delivery, kindly please contact the courier company directly

Q: Can the courier company call me before delivery?
A: Courier company does not provide calling services before delivery

Q: What if the tins I received is dented?
A: We will QC when it reaches us and if it is dented we will inform the supplier to change and it might take a bit more time for a replacement. However, once we have sent it out, we will not be responsible for any damages.
*Please do expect slight dents when you receive your parcels
** As long as the tin is seal, the quality of the milk powder is not compromise

Q: What if my parcel is lost or damaged?
A: We will take photos of the items and send you by Whatsapp. If the parcel is lost or damaged by the courier, kindly please seek compensation from the courier as is not responsible if the courier company damage or lost the parcel. Accordingly to EMS, Singpost will compensate up to $150 and Janio will compensate up to RM200.

Q: Can I do dropshipping and send it to my customers?
A: Yes you can! We do not have anything on the parcels to state it is from

Q: I still have not received my parcel?
A: The Estimated Delivery window provided by reflects most standard deliveries. However, some orders may occasionally be subject to longer transit time caused by air freight delay, Customs hold, or any other unforeseen complications outside of’s control.

Q: I require an update regarding my delivery, how can I contact the courier company?

If courier agent is EMS;

If courier agent is Janio Asia;

If courier agent is SF Express;

If courier agent is Teleport Asia;