Enfagrow AII (A2) MindPro Step 3


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1 x 1.1kg box
1 x 1.1kg box
3 x 1.1kg box
3 x 1.1kg box
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Country of origin: Thailand
Malaysia Packaging

Country of origin: Thailand (A2 Milk from NZ/EU)

Pure, Natural protein with Brain and Gut Health benefits

100% Pure A2 Beta Casein Protein

  • Sourced from hand-picked A2 cows in NZ/EU, natural herds prior to commercializing farm

Promote Good Gut Environment & Better Digestion o A2: Emerging evidence suggests that

  • A2 milk protein is associated with stomach discomfort relief
  • Prebiotics: FOS/PDX/GOS

Holistic Brain Development

  • Contains MFGM, DHA : 2x benefits for brain cell connections

For 1 to 3 years old

Official website: https://www.enfagrow.com.my/


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1 x 1.1kg box, 3 x 1.1kg box