Merries Super Premium Tape Baby Diapers


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  1. NB (New born) – 360 (90*4)
  2. S – 328 (82*4)
  3. M – 256 (64*4)
  4. L – 216 (54*4)
  5. XL – 176 (44*4)

A smile comes to all mums whose babies feel comfortable and happy! Always gentle to the babies’ skin, Merries diapers provide all babies the utmost comfort they truly deserve. Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy!

A newborn baby’s skin is only half the thickness of an adult’s skin — so thin and delicate. A newly wet diaper might seem to have absorbed the pee immediately, but it’s surprisingly still moist in there. Remember that babies sweat twice as much as adults*2, thus the pee and poo can irritate the baby’s moist and sweaty skin, causing diaper rash.

Based on skin research, a long-lasting dry feeling – just like bare skin. It helps to reduce stuffiness and continuous cushion soft & dry feeling of delicate baby skin. The soft poo leak guard with 3D side gathers and back gather is able to minimize soft poo contact with skin and prevent side leakage and help avoid leakage from the back. Merries’ unique block-shaped absorbent core instantly draws in and locks away pee, leaving the diaper surface drier for longer usage. With colour-changing wetness indicators, it’s time to change diapers when the strips change colour to dark green.

– A long lasting dry feeling
– Soft poo leak guard
– Superb absorbency
– Ultra soft and fluffy surface
– Colour-changing wetness indicators
– Soft reusable magic seal

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NB (New born) – 360 (90*4), S – 328 (82*4), M – 256 (64*4), L – 216 (54*4), XL – 176 (44*4)