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1 x 400g (tin)
1 x 400g (tin)
8 x 400g (tin)
8 x 400g (tin)
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Country of origin: Switzerland
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NAN Lactose-Free (LF) is a food for special medical purposes, specially designed for children who are intolerant to lactose. Lactose-Free – contains carbohydrates with low osmolality, suitable for those who are intolerant to lactose.

L.retueri Probiotic – active probiotic cultures that can suppress/fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. DHA & ARA- important building blocks for the development of the brain and eyes in the infant.

NAN Lactose-Free is suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition from birth up to 6 months of age when the lactose-free elimination diet is required.

For 0 to 12 months

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1 x 400g (tin), 8 x 400g (tin)