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  • 1 x Nutura Mums 900g ($48/tin)
  • 4 x Nutura Mums 900g ($39.75/tin)

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Country of origin: Australia
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Pregnant women and lactating mothers must have a balanced diet to get sufficient protein, vitamins, iron, calcium, and other essential minerals. This will ensure their baby’s growth and development healthy. Nutura Mums can be used by pregnant and lactating mothers.

  • Sialic acid aids in infant cognitive development and boost immunity for mother and baby
  • Iron helps increase the mother’s blood volume and prevents anemia
  • Folate and Vitamin B12 aid cell division in the early stages of pregnancy and reduce chances of neural tube defects
  • Dietary fiber, FOS and GOS, supports healthy gastrointestinal function, thus relieving the phenomenon of constipation during pregnancy
  • No added sucrose helps in manage weight control
  • Provides additional nutrients before and during pregnancy as well as during the lactation period while managing a mother’s ideal weight

For Pregnant Moms

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1 x 900g (tin), 4 x 900g (tin)