Frisolac Comfort 400g (0-12 months)


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  • 1 x tin (400g) [$35/tin]
  • 8 x tin (400g) [$24.25/tin]
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Buy 3 bundles and get 10% off *Can mix and match with all other products*
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1 x 400g (tin)
1 x 400g (tin)
8 x 400g (tin)
8 x 400g (tin)
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Country of origin: Netherlands
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Frisolac Comfort is especially for babies with minor digestive problems such as vomiting, colic & constipation.

Frisolac Comfort is a balanced formula containing a range of essential nutrients.
It contains:
• Linoleic acid
• 5 types of nucleotides

Frisolac Comfort is specially formulated with carob bean gum, a fiber with its thickening properties to provide relief for the following symptoms – infant regurgitation, constipation, and colic pains. It can be used for babies suffering such symptoms from birth onwards.

For 0 to 12 months

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1 x 400g (tin), 8 x 400g (tin)

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frisolac comfort

i've been trying to find this particular brand in singapore for 0-12months but there isnt anymore i guess? and i lookup at carousell, finally they're selling this brand , and it was so cheap if i were to grab a bundle of 8tins. i was in rush to receive the milk within a week and thankfully they delivered within a week and before festive season as i took express delivery. thank you once again and definitely im gonna purchase it again once the milk powder almost finish haha!

Thank you for your support!