[Bundle of 6] Nan Pro Optipro Stage 3 with 2 -FL (1 to 3 years)


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Country of origin: Switzerland
Malaysia Packaging

  • NEW NANKID OPTIPRO® contains Hundred million units of Probiotics Cultures Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-3446 and 2′-FL Oligosaccharide
  • This is a new breakthrough innovation from Nestlé NANKID and we are the only brand that introduce 2′-FL with probiotics in the GUM
  • This exclusive combination makes NANKID the one and unique OPTIPRO that help support a child’s optimal growth and development
  • Key Benefits probiotics and 2′-FL Help support a child’s natural defense system
  • Ensure the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut Improve gut function
  • Reduce diarrhea incidence
  • Optimized Protein is protein in the right quantity and quality needed for a child’s optimal growth and development DHA and ARA: These are found abundantly in the brain and support overall development in children

For 1 to 3 years old

Official website: https://www.babyandme.nestle.com.sg/brand/nan-optipro-growing-up-milk


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Weight 10 kg

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